Covid-19 Announcement – Update for 19-Mar-2020

Effective Immediately:
In response to the most current information from the CDC, the AVMA and other trusted sources we are changing our clinic policies to reduce client time in the reception area. We are asking that clients no longer wait for appointments in our reception area.

When arriving for an appointment, please:
1) Stay in your car and announce your arrival by calling the Front Desk (607-563-1345). If you can’t call, leave your pet in your car and step inside to notify staff you have arrived. Then you can return to your car to wait for the next exam room.
2) When your exam room is ready, a staff member will come out and direct you to the room.
3) Please limit the number of people in the exam room to 2 – additional people can wait in your car.

All orders delivered at the drive-thru pickup window. This includes food, prescriptions, over the counter disbursements etc. This window is on the right side of the clinic – just drive around the ‘loop’ in the driveway. Please do not enter the building – simply use the window.

We are reviewing services as events unfold to reduce potential exposure to Covid-19, to allow our staff to address personal issues created by this situation, and to comply with the latest recommended procedures. The need for treatment will be evaluated by our doctors on a case-by-case basis. Serious and emergency issues will be dealt with as required to insure the health and safety of your pets.

Large animal care will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to insure your animals receive the care required. Urgent situations will be addressed immediately, as always.

Other provisions we announced remain in effect:
Please continue to sanitize pet carriers, leashes, and other pet items before coming to the clinic.DO NOT bring personal items (toys, blankets, leashes, etc.) to be left with your pet during their stay.
All cleaning and sanitizing protocols remain in effect throughout our clinic.

If you have any questions about our procedures, you can call us at 607-563-1345.

PDF Format (downloadable) : Covid-19 Announcement 03.2

Covid-19 Announcement (03-18-2020)

Valley Veterinary Associates is, as always, focused on the health and safety of our patients, our clients, and our staff. We are monitoring the situation with the 2019 Coronavirus (Covid-19) and implementing measures in our clinic for everyone’s safety. We want to assure clients that this is an on-going process, and we will respond to new situations as they occur.

Currently, we are not interrupting our services for regular or emergency hours. We will be handling appointments as usual. However, in order to maintain our schedule with a minimum amount of risk to everyone, we ask the following:

1) Please do not enter the clinic if you are sick, or displaying flu-like symptoms.

2) Please do not enter the clinic if you have traveled out of the country within the past 14 days.

3) Please sanitize pet carriers, leashes, and other pet items before coming to the clinic.

4) Please DO NOT bring personal items (toys, blankets, leashes, etc.) to be left with your pet during their stay.

5) We provide hand sanitizing solution in the reception room (by the door) and in each exam room. Please make use of them as needed throughout your visit.

6) Please follow ‘social distancing’ recommendations where practical.

Since we are a health care facility, we have always had cleaning/sanitizing protocols in place. In response to the potential risk presented by the Covid-19 virus, we have reviewed those protocols for compliance to current safety recommendations. Some of the procedures we are following are:

1) Each exam room is wiped down/sanitized between patient exams.

2) Daily facility-wide cleaning protocols are in place

3) Additional facility cleaning procedures are in force in common areas such as the reception area.

4) There is a sanitizing protocol in place for the reception area, including doorknobs, counters, etc.

Be assured this is an on-going process at Valley Veterinary Associates. We will respond to further information as it becomes available. In the meantime, you can be confident that we are focused on the safety of you and your pets.

PDF Version: Covid-19 Announcement 02.1


Food Pantry Donations

On January 2nd, the VVA elves delivered the final food pantry donation. The response from clients and staff was tremendous, and it was greatly appreciated by the food pantry volunteers. THANK YOU for your generous donations!

VVA Donates to DVHS

For several years Dr. Davis and VVA have supported the Delaware Valley Humane Society (DVHS) by providing various services, including reduced rate (or free) spay/neuter and other medical & surgical procedures. Additionally, they make a monthly donation to DVHS in memory of companion animals lost to illness, injury, or age. Seen here, Dr. Davis & some staff members present the latest donation of $280 to Erin Insinga, DVHS shelter manager.

We urge you to help, too. Throughout the month of December, donations to DVHS will be matched by the ‘Save A Life 2019’ campaign sponsored by Staffworks. For more information on how you can help DVHS call 607-563-7780 or visit