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2018 VVA Equine Event

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Our beautiful outdoor canine area
is a fun safe space for your pet to enjoy.

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Valley Veterinary Associates offers high quality pet care services to the Oneonta NY area. Our Veterinarians take personal responsibility for you furry, or feathered companion from start to finish because we realize that they aren't just pets, but important members of your family.

The hospital is approximately 5000 square feet with four exam rooms, a surgical site, an imaging center, an ICU, Isolation Rooms and a separate canine and feline animal hospital areas. With an assortment of diagnostic tools, we are able to assess, diagnose and successfully treat our patients.

From the Blog

Covid-19 Announcement – Update for 19-Mar-2020

Effective Immediately:
In response to the most current information from the CDC, the AVMA and other trusted sources we are changing our clinic policies to reduce client time in the reception area. We are asking that clients no longer wait for appointments in our reception area.

When arriving for an appointment, please:
1) Stay in your car and announce your arrival by calling the Front Desk (607-563-1345). If you can’t call, leave your pet in your car and step inside to notify staff you have arrived. Then you can return to your car to wait for the next exam room.
2) When your exam room is ready, a staff member will come out and direct you to the room.
3) Please limit the number of people in the exam room to 2 – additional people can wait in your car.

All orders delivered at the drive-thru pickup window. This includes food, prescriptions, over the counter disbursements etc. This window is on the right side of the clinic – just drive around the ‘loop’ in the driveway. Please do not enter the building – simply use the window.

We are reviewing services as events unfold to reduce potential exposure to Covid-19, to allow our staff to address personal issues created by this situation, and to comply with the latest recommended procedures. The need for treatment will be evaluated by our doctors on a case-by-case basis. Serious and emergency issues will be dealt with as required to insure the health and safety of your pets.

Large animal care will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to insure your animals receive the care required. Urgent situations will be addressed immediately, as always.

Other provisions we announced remain in effect:
Please continue to sanitize pet carriers, leashes, and other pet items before coming to the clinic.DO NOT bring personal items (toys, blankets, leashes, etc.) to be left with your pet during their stay.
All cleaning and sanitizing protocols remain in effect throughout our clinic.

If you have any questions about our procedures, you can call us at 607-563-1345.

PDF Format (downloadable) : Covid-19 Announcement 03.2

Valley Veterinary Associates

647 State Hwy 7, Unadilla, NY 13849 - Directions 
Emergency Services Available
(607) 563 1345

Hours - We offer 24/7 service
Scheduled Appointments:
Monday&Wednesday: 7am-8pm
Tues., Thurs & Friday: 7am-7pm
Saturday: 8am- 5pm
Sunday: Emergencies Only
Note: There will be an emergency charge for service
outside of regular scheduled hours

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