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May – Eye Care Month - May 12, 2018

May is eye care month at Valley Veterinary Associates.  Save all month on ophthalmic exams.  Appointments available at 607-563-1345.

May Eye Care sm

2018 Equine Seminar -

Horses can suffer from laminitis, a crippling disease. Dr. Stephen O’Grady (DVM) is also a trained farrier, and has developed a unique approach to treating this disease. Dr. O’Grady will be offering a seminar that will be of interest to any horse owner. In addition there will be a separate lab presentation for equine care professionals (veterinarians, farriers, etc.). The evening session is open to the public ($10), but RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED. More information and reservations, call 607-563-1345

2018-05-12 Equine Event for Web

Wednesday Dog Training -

Certified trainer Sarah Cummings will be offering puppy classes, adult dog group behavior classes, and individualized consultations on Wednesday evenings at our clinic (647 State Hwy 7, Unadilla, NY). You can get more information or sign up for classes by calling 607-563-1345.

2018-05-12 Dog Training Announce

LYME WEEK Announced! - April 19, 2018

Based on 2018-04 Lyme Week 01.001response to our ‘Lyme Weekend’ specials, we have expanded the offer for a full week. LYME WEEK begins April 23 and lasts all week.  There’s no better time to get your pet ready for the oncoming flea & tick season. We’ll be offering specials on Nexgard flea & tick treatment all week. If you purchase a 6-pack of Nexgard, you can receive a FREE Nexgard dose. In addition, you can get a Lyme vaccine at half-price (excepting booster, if needed). You will also be entered into a drawing for an Amazon gift card.  An appointment is needed to take advantage of this offer, and your pet needs a current heartworm test.  For more information or to make an appointment, call us at 607-563-1345.

Equine Management - February 28, 2018

On Feb.17th, Dr. Davis and his staff presented a seminar for the SUNY Delhi Equine Club at Milfer Farm in Unadilla. The seminar consisted of several modules, including lectures, Q&A time, historical context, and observational and hands-on sessions. Dr. Davis shared his insights on general equine management, mare and stallion breeding issues, equine pregnancy and neonate care. The hands-on sessions addressed reproductive health of both the mare and the stallion. Watch on YouTube.

2018-02-25_SUNY Delhi Equine001

Pet Dental Month Is Coming! - January 8, 2018

Save 20% on your pet’s dental care this February, to celebrate National Pet Dental Health Month.

Valley Veterinary Associates provides a full range of dental services, designed to insure optimum dental health for your pets. To help you improve your pet’s oral health, VVA is offering a 20% discount on selected dental procedures in the month of February!  Dental services are provided Mon-Fri by our fully-trained staff. Call us at 607-563-1345 for details or an appointment.

VVA Dental Month-no gift

Happy New Year 2018! - December 31, 2017

Happy New Year!
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Merry Christmas - December 17, 2017

Merry Christmas from the staff at Valley Veterinary Associates.  May your holiday season be joyous!


2017 Holiday Closing - December 8, 2017

Holiday Closing

Laser Therapy - August 31, 2017

Clinical studies show that laser therapy alleviates pain and inflammation, reduces swelling, and stimulates nerve and tissue repair. It has been proven effective on such diverse conditions as arthritis, sprains and strains, periodontal disease, and infections. Some advantages of laser therapy are:

• Provides a drug-free option for enhanced care
• Effective relief of pain, inflammation, and swelling
• Extremely well tolerated by patients
• No known side effects
• May decrease the need for surgery and medications
• Reduces healing time
• Requires no sedation or clipping

Animals receiving laser therapy feel a gentle warming of the tissues, and often will relax and enjoy, much like you would experiencing a good massage. Often there is an immediate lessening of pain, and the initial anxiety that some pets may feel often disappears. Animals receiving the therapy may even fall asleep.

If you believe your animal is suffering from a condition that may treatable with laser therapy, call VVA to arrange a consultation with one of our doctors. They may be able to recommend a customized course of treatment that can help.

Laser Dog