From Dental to Splenectomy

Caity is a cocker spaniel that is nearly 6 years old. She came in for a dental exam and cleaning. Fortunately for Caity, the dental procedure includes a full physical exam. Dr. Fassett performed the abdominal exam while Caity was sedated for the dental procedure โ€“ this allows a more detailed exam since the area is relaxed. Unfortunately, he discovered an abnormality in Caityโ€™s abdomen. Since she was already sedated, the decision was made to transfer her to the OR for exploratory surgery. Problems were found with Caityโ€™s spleen, and Dr. Fassett performed a splenectomy. She spent the night under observation and went home the next day. Not only is she on the road to full surgical recovery, but her dental work was also a success.

In the photos: Caity in surgery and with Dr. Fassett on her follow-up visit.

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February is celebrated as National Pet Dental Health Month to draw attention to the importance of pet dental health. It is sponsored by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) as a reminder that dental care is an important part of your petโ€™s health.

We are offering a 20% discount on dental procedures in the month of February. We have a limited number of dental appointments available through the month, so please phone ASAP for an appointment. Contact the front desk at 607-563-1345 for details, or to schedule a dental procedure.

Dental cleaning begins with an oral exam by a veterinarian. X-rays are taken to evaluate the health of the jaw and the tooth roots below the gumline. Because most dental disease occurs below the gumline, where you canโ€™t see it, the evaluation and cleaning are performed under anesthesia. Cleaning includes scaling (to remove dental plaque and tartar) and polishing, similar to the process used on your own teeth during your regular dental cleanings.

If you are interested in learning more about Periodontal Disease in pets, hereโ€™s a link to an AVMA (American Veterinary Medicine Association) video:

Every Dog’s Dream Team – for Cats!

Dr. Davis and the staff of Valley Veterinary Associates were pleased to once again work with the staff of Every Dog’s Dream Adoption Center (E.D.D.) to provide for the care of local animals. Every Dogโ€™s Dream became aware of a small colony of feral cats in the local (Sidney) area.ย  As part of their Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) campaign, E.D.D. contacted Valley Veterinary Associates for assistance, and arranged for trapping and transport of the cats.

Dr. Davis provided reduced-rate care, including physical exams, required vaccinations, and spay/neuter operations for the cats. This will ensure the health of the animals, reduce risks to people in the area, and hopefully lead to a reduction in feral cat population.

Every Dog’s Dream is a volunteer-run non-profit (501-c3) adoption center established over 10 years ago. With over 77 volunteers, they provide a full range of service to animals, including daily care, fostering, and medical transport. They are supported entirely by donations. In response to the growing problem of homeless and feral cats, they will soon be expanding their operations under the ‘Hope For Homeless Felines’ name. If you have an interest in helping Every Dog’s Dream with their efforts, please contact them at 607-242-2346.

Dr. Davis and his staff look forward to helping Every Dog’s Dream accomplish their future goals.ย  If you have questions about animal care, either farm animals or companion animals, you can contact Valley Veterinary Associates at 607-563-1345 or by email at

VVA & EDD – Feral Cat Project Press Release


Holiday Food Drive Update

Dr. Davis and the staff at Valley Veterinary Associates want to thank all the clients that helped us hold another successful food drive through the holiday season.ย  Thanks to your generous donations, and the contributions of our staff, we were able to deliver several boxes of food to the Sidney Food Pantry. Here are some photos of the VVA elves delivering the donations.

(Photos show VVA Staff, along with Sidney UMC Pastor Paul Winkelman.)

Dec. 17 Closings Announced

Our pickup window will be closed from 11am to noon. There will be no pickups available for that hour.

The clinic will be closing at 4pm on Dec. 17th. Large animal calls will be directed to Dr. Chris Camann. Small animal calls will be directed to Dr. Mike Powers

Regular hours will resume on Dec. 18th.