Job Listing


Valley Veterinary Associates is seeking qualified applicants to fill veterinary assistant/veterinary technician positions. Qualified applicants will have either vet. assistant or vet. tech experience. Hours are flexible, but second and third shift coverage may be required.  Weekend and holiday hours are required, on a rotating basis.  Ideal candidate will be energetic, self-motivated, and a team player. They will also be thoughtful and compassionate, with high ethical standards.

Applications may be picked up/returned to the clinic or submitted via email or Facebook.  An initial, personal interview will be required. That will be followed by a working interview.

A Bear Encounter


This is Guinness.  He suffered injuries in an encounter with a black bear. Guinness may have been attempting to defend his home. Unfortunately, the bear inflicted serious damage by grabbing and shaking the dog’s head. When he arrived at our clinic, Guinness had serious open scalp wounds, damage to his skull, and puncture wounds from the bear’s teeth.  Dr. Davis performed nearly 90 minutes of surgery, but it was still uncertain if Guinness would survive, due to the severity of the injuries. You can view a video HERE

We are happy to announce that, after several days of post-operative care, Guinness has returned home to complete his recovery. His owners report he is doing very well.

2018 Equine Seminar

Horses can suffer from laminitis, a crippling disease. Dr. Stephen O’Grady (DVM) is also a trained farrier, and has developed a unique approach to treating this disease. Dr. O’Grady will be offering a seminar that will be of interest to any horse owner. In addition there will be a separate lab presentation for equine care professionals (veterinarians, farriers, etc.). The evening session is open to the public ($10), but RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED. More information and reservations, call 607-563-1345

LYME WEEK Announced!

Based on response to our ‘Lyme Weekend’ specials, we have expanded the offer for a full week. LYME WEEK begins April 23 and lasts all week.  There’s no better time to get your pet ready for the oncoming flea & tick season. We’ll be offering specials on Nexgard flea & tick treatment all week. If you purchase a 6-pack of Nexgard, you can receive a FREE Nexgard dose. In addition, you can get a Lyme vaccine at half-price (excepting booster, if needed). You will also be entered into a drawing for an Amazon gift card.  An appointment is needed to take advantage of this offer, and your pet needs a current heartworm test.  For more information or to make an appointment, call us at 607-563-1345.


Considering Acupuncture…

Acupuncture has been around for over 3000 years. Veterinary acupuncture has been widely accepted as primary or an adjacent therapy for numerous health problem in horses, cows, and companion animals. With over a thousand points to choose from, the application in acute or chronic heath issues are far reaching. Especially in wound healing, lameness, degenerative joint disease, back problems, even normal imbalances acupuncture has an application. We at VVA consider it another tool in the tool box to help patients. Please contact us to set up a consultation with Dr. Davis!